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TIAN XIAN LIQUID (THL/TXL) is an effective anti-cancer Chinese herbal medicine. It was formulated in accordance with Traditional Chinese Medicine secret recipes and prescriptions. The inventor of TIAN XIAN LIQUID (THL/TXL), Professor Wang Zeng-Guo spent 18 years of time in research & development followed by clinical trails to develop and improve on the efficacy of Tian Xian products.


TIAN XIAN LIQUID (THL/TXL) is produced by using modern technology to extract the essences of various selected precious and rare Chinese herbs of Changbai Mountain. The ingredients include ginseng, astragali seu hedysari, trichosanthis, radix clemantidis and various types of herbs that promote body immunity. It is enriched with 24 types of trace element, 16 amino acids, germanium and selennim. Most importantly, it contains no chemical substances and has no side effects.

Unlike other chemical anti-cancer medicines, TIAN XIAN LIQUID (THL/TXL) eliminates cancerous cells but keeps the normal cells unharmed. As the old Chinese saying “destroys the evil but not the saint, rejuvenates the saint but not the evil”. This means it will kill and destroy the cancerous cells while the normal cells remain intact. Simultaneously, the rich and nutritious components contained in TIAN XIAN LIQUID (THL/TXL) will provide the normal cells the strength to fight against cancer and hence prime function of TIAN XIAN LIQUID (THL/TXL) is to strengthen patients’ physical strengths to fight against cancer.

The main ingredients of TIAN XIAN LIQUID (THL/TXL) are precious herbs that have high anti-cancer properties. Other than its anti-cancer effect, it can also strengthen the function of digestive tract, facilitate urinary function, nurse healthy body, prevent infection, enhance immunity and etc. This will enable the 3 vital elements for human life - Qi, Blood cells and Fluid (plasma) circulate smoothly. Besides, necessary pain relief substances are also added to reduce pains, ease swallowing and improve appetite of the patients.

When pains disappear, patient can eat and sleep well. This will help to preserve the body energy. When body energy is strengthened, it increases body immunity. As a result, the patient’s physical energy against cancer is enhanced.

Taking TIAN XIAN LIQUID (THL/TXL) will not generate any side effect such as hair-dropping, insomnia, anemia and so on. Clinical tests showed that TIAN XIAN LIQUID (THL/TXL) had an effective rate of 80.2% when standard dosage of TIAN XIAN LIQUID was applied. After taking TIAN XIAN LIQUID (THL/TXL) for about 4-6 months, metastasis of cancerous cells can be restrained. The tumor stops to grow and even shrinks, thus helps to prolong the patients’ life and free from the threat of death.

TIAN XIAN LIQUID (THL/TXL) is suitable for all kinds of Cancer. The effect is enhanced if combined with TIAN XIAN CAPSULES AND SUPPOSITORY. Chart showed the therapeutic effects of TIAN XIAN LIQUID AGAINST LAST SATGE OF VARIOUS CANCERS.


Control group showed cancerous cells.
Experimental group showed that most of the cancer cells burst and degenerated when treated with Tian Xian Liquid. Hence, Tian Xian Liquid has direct toxicity effects against cancerous cells. Simultaneously, the increased of white blood cells also indicated it has immune modulating effects.


Name Proportion Effect
Radix Glycyrrhizae 5% To reinforce the function of the spleen and replenish qi, to remove heat and counteract toxicity, to dispel phlegm and relieve cough, to alleviate spasmodic pain, and to moderate drug actions.
Rhizoma Dioscoreae 11% To replenish the spleen and stomach, to promote fluid secretion and benefit the lung, and to strengthen the kidney and restrain seminal discharge.
Margarita 4% To calm the nerves, to eliminate corneal opacity, to counteract toxicity and promote the growth of new tissue.
Fructus Lycii 9% To benefit the liver and kindey, to replenish vital essence and to improve eyesight.
Ganoderma 17% Nourish the heart, calm the spirit, enrich qi (vital energy) and blood, relieve cough or breathing difficulty, and general tonification.
Fructus Ligustri Lucidi 0.5% To replenish the liver and kidney, improve eyesight and promote the growth of black hair.
Herba Scutellariae Barbatae 2% To remove toxic heat, and to cause diuresis.
Radix Ginseng 12.5% To reinforce the vital energy,to remedy collapse and restore the normal pulse, to benefit the spleen and lung, to promote the production of body fluid, and to calm the nerves.
Cordyceps 24% To tonify the lung and the kidney, arrest bleeding, and dispel phlegm.
Radix Astragali 15% To reinforce qi and strengthen the superficial resistance, and to promote the discharge of pus and the growth of new tissue.


All kinds of cancer, the curative effect will be better if matched with Tian Xian Capsule(Wan) and Tian Xian Suppository.

Application and Dosage (Oral administration):

STAGE 1 & 2
Days 1 - 3, drink 10cc at 9am and 9pm
Day 4 onwards, drink 20cc (1 vial) at 9am and 9pm
STAGE 3 & 4
Days 1 - 3, drink 10cc at 9am, 3pm, and 9pm
Day 4 onwards, drink 20cc at 9am, 3pm, and 9pm

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